Est. 2006

We know there is a growing number of options for hookah these days. That is why we make it our life to serve excellent, clean hookahs every night. Some people want the finer things in life. Others want the finest. 

40 Thieves culture

We take pride in having established many of the techniques widely used in hookah serving, product pioneering, and mastery, while preserving the original culture. 

40 Thieves Hookah Lounge has something for every smoking enthusiast; whether you are entertaining at your home or ours, we will be at your service. 

40 thieves culture 2
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40 Thieves Hookah Lounge - San Jose

2220 Business Cir

San Jose, CA 95128

Tel: (415) 806-3237


Limited service: 4p-10p

40 Thieves Hookah Lounge - Colorado Springs

Re-Opening 2021

40 Thieves Hookah Lounge - Kings Mountain, NC

Coming 2021

40 Thieves Hookah Lounge - Littleton, CO